Why Choose Us


To promote excellence in manufacturing through quality products which are affordable and delivered timeously.


Customer Focus, Quality, Deliverance, Affordability, Excellency, Transparency, Team-work, Continued Improvements


To be a leading manufacturer of high quality products that exceed customer expectations but remain affordable and being able to deliver on time to our customers both locally and regionally.

The best way to win and sustain business is to build strong partnerships. Forging those relationships means investing time and learning to understand our customers. By listening very carefully to their needs and concerns, we can focus on what we have to do to ensure they come back to us.

Who We Are?

Mr. Gary Green, the Managing Director opened a company called Bulawayo Pattern Makers (Pvt) Ltd. in June 1988 with its core business being the manufacture of foundry patterns for Zimbabwean Foundries and other Businesses.

In 1994 a new company named Anolle Castings and Engineering (Pvt) Ltd was formed and it operated in conjunction with Bulawayo Pattern Makers (Pvt) Ltd. This new company expanded its operations to include the manufacture of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Castings being all grades of Cast Irons, Bronze, Brass and Aluminum with a machine shop to complement operations