The Company produces a wide range of machined and non-machined castings, being all grades of Cast Iron through to Ni-Hard, Wear Resistance, Heat Resistance and Corrosion Resistance Castings, from a few grams to 1500kg per single casting. As well as Non Ferrous Castings which comprises of all types of Bronzes, Brasses and Copper from a few grams to 1200kg per single casting. And all grades of Aluminium from a few grams up to 500kg per single casting.

The company operates a fully equipped conventional Pattern Shop for all types of patterns, with two Foundries for all castings and a fully equipped conventional Machine Shop.


• Coco pan Wheels       
• Canon Boxes
• Tipping Wheels               
• Brake Shoes                               
• Gears                        
• Gear Boxes
• Sheave Wheels               
• Rope Drums
• Wear Plate                      
• Bearing Housing & Bearings
• Crusher Spares                
• Stamp Mill Spares


• Brake Drums & Discs (Horse, Trailer, Passenger Vehicle)
• Gear Box Housings       
• Bell Housings
• Water Pumps                  
• Thermostat Housing


• Water Pumps (National Pumps, Braemar Pumps)
• Sugar Mill Spares (Boiler Spares, Pump Spares, Bronze Bushes & Bearings.   
• Impellors                         
• Volute Casings & Housings
• Pipe Fittings (Short Collar Joints, Bends and Tees)
• Plough Wheels


• Water Pipe Fittings for AC and PVC Pipes
• Gear Cutting                  
• Gear Boxes
• Bearing Housings          
• Shaft Work
• Cast Iron Cook Wear     
• Gym Weights